• This cookbook was written with much love for my sister, Celeste. One day she was at my home and saw a book that my daughter Kourtney had given me to keep all of my recipes in. I enjoy cooking and over the years I have collected recipes from magazines, newspapers, friends, family and yes, even my home economics class from over 20 years ago! This book contained recipes that were family and friends’ favorites. Through the years, I adapted many of them by adding a little something here and there to achieve a unique taste. All of the recipes in this book are proven favorites and have been requested by friends many times. I love to entertain and more often than not, guests leave my home with a recipe of something they enjoyed for dinner. It’s always a great compliment and an honor. So, with much work, fun, and love, I decided to organize favorite recipes of my family into a collection that I can share with you. Enjoy, Vikki
  • "Beyond the Pit’’ is a semi-fictional work. Due to strong content, this work is intended for adult readers. This sequel to ‘’Up From the Pit’’ focuses on the protagonist as he ventures forth during the dawn of the ‘’Black Revolution’’ in America. The system was literally and figuratively choking the life of Blacks in America. The perpetual conditioning and conditions had a stagnating effect on the enslaved, especially in the South. Blacks and whites were entrapped in a hate-filled system. The legacy of this false democracy will be examined.
  • This beginner reader is a Navajo story about a young little lamb who learns that getting their way is not always fun.
  • Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance, Fourth Edition updates the body of knowledge for those working in these turbulent industries. Whether you are a manufacturer, physician, group purchasing organization (GPO), physician-owned distributorship (POD), or teaching hospital, or one involved in planning and reporting transparency and spend, having a basic understanding of the who, what, where, and how of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act will enhance your knowledge and scope of reasoning. “If there is one word that will dominate the landscape of the healthcare industry in the coming years it is “compliance.” If you want to have a full understanding of the ever-changing landscape of governmental regulations, then this is the book for you.” David Peckinpaugh, CMP President / Maritz Travel Company
  • As life in the 21st century often leaves the romantic side of our nature in its wake, we find ourselves drawn to time periods in history that once celebrated that which was decorative, fanciful, imaginative, and, yes, romantic. The art of the American carousel commemorated a time when children could escape in a world of knights in shining armor or cowboys galloping across the prairie. For a short ride atop a beautifully carved wooden horse, millions of children experienced the thrill of letting imaginations take them on the ride of a lifetime. We honor the artisans who created these carved treasures, and we cherish our childhood memories because of them - memories that bring generations together for all time.
  • Catharsis is a collection of 41 photographs and poems that touch upon messages from the soul. It utilizes the concept of creative, emotional, and observational release to illustrate the infinite potential within the worldly experience, and it examines various subjects ranging from human tendency to spiritual identity. By awakening subconscious thoughts, Catharsis aims to evoke a greater level of contemplation through its use of descriptive analogies and diction.
  • Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside Chef Martins Event Cookbook.
    • Combining flavors from around the globe
    • Cactus Paddle Salad (Nopales Salad)
    • “Smart drinks”: The intelligent choice for events
    • Beyond travel-inspired cuisine “Where the coffee bean reigns”
    • Carnitas de Michoacán
    • “Smarter” meal portion sizes. When is less more?
    • Healthy Snacks, on the Go! Hummus Quesadillas
    • Beyond travel-inspired cuisine Internationally fused flavors create
    • dishes without borders
    • Braised Pork in Tomatillo and Chile Salsa Verde
    • Learn the facts about safe food handling
    • Latin culinary influences in the midwest
    • Spicy Blackberry and Jalapeno Margaritas
    • Guacamole Botanero Bar
    • Pico de Gallo (Salsa Fresca)
  • Deadly-Gangsta “1”

    Deadly-Gangsta “1” is the autobiography of Lorenzo Petty, Sr. Mr. Petty has been proclaimed by law enforcement and the news media as one of the most dangerous gangsters that prowled the streets of St. Louis during the 1970’s. Former local newsman, John Auble, included the Petty brothers in his novel, The History of St. Louis Gangsters…  
  • Driving Across America

    Long before it became a trend, Bill has been highlighting the positives in the U.S. for nearly 20 years. “Driving Across America” – and most of Bill’s collection of works – is a reminder of our shared humanity and the good in people and places in big cities and small towns alike. Readers will enjoy hilarious and heartfelt stories that include a Mississippian’s homemade, bowling-ball-shooting cannon; some rather strange museums; a lot of giant, record-setting possessions; and the connectivity and kindness engendered by natural disasters.  If you would like attend one of Bill's public presentations recapping some great travel ideas and hilarious stories, visit BillOnTheRoad
  • Many small businesses do not have marketing managers, and in many cases, it is the company owner that drives marketing and sales efforts with the gut instinct to survive. Many die a financially painful death. Dr. Stan Fine, The Business Doctor, has seen the need for a general-purpose, how-to marketing book for a long time. This book provides answers to your marketing questions, starting with: How do I do it? And what do I do next?
  • Large Poster of the Missouri Meetings & Events magazine cover story
  • The book features sections on business rationale; planning; risk management; implementation and audit; and key terminology.  Section quizzes help users evaluate their knowledge before taking the CMP-HC exam. The exam includes 100 items, and is administered electronically at designated testing facilities.  It is open to meeting professionals who hold a valid CMP designation; have at least 36 months of experience in health-care meeting management; and have 15 clock hours of professional development in health-care meeting management, completed in the previous five years. Obtaining the CMP-HC designation is a sign that planners understand key topics in health-care event management, including attendee tracking, data capture, and the reporting of medical meeting spending. “This manual provides the information and tools to help professionals develop that knowledge,” Paul Van Deventer President and Chief Executive Officer of MPI.
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