• Catharsis is a collection of 41 photographs and poems that touch upon messages from the soul. It utilizes the concept of creative, emotional, and observational release to illustrate the infinite potential within the worldly experience, and it examines various subjects ranging from human tendency to spiritual identity. By awakening subconscious thoughts, Catharsis aims to evoke a greater level of contemplation through its use of descriptive analogies and diction.
  • About the Book

    Reflections is an anthology of love, loss, faith, and dreams.  These poems express one man’s introspection of his greatest blessings and truths, centered around his devotion to the love of his life.  This work also explores hope, unity, and God’s grace in the midst of sorrow and pivotal times.
  • Unbroken Reverie is a collection of poems that illustrates observations and interpretations of seasons, patriotism, and life. This anthology intends to evoke peace amid nature’s processes, perspective towards elements with preconceived understandings, and a deeper connection to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. May you see the past and present world in a new light as you reflect on the expressive pieces of writing in this book.

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