• The Glorious Revolution is a non-fictional work that traces the revolutionary aspects of African Americans ascent from the abyss of mental and physical oppression to a rebirth in  America. The Glorious Revolution will detail accounts of the barbarous nature of the European Slave Trade. It, too, will highlight the introduction of slavery to the American colonies, while highlighting the beginning of the revolutionary process from its origin during slavery, after the Civil War, after Emancipation, and during the Civil Rights Movement.
  • The Hip-Hop Generation, featuring Afrika Bambaataa, Makaveli, The Notorious B.I.G., Ice-T, and 50 Cent is a non-fiction work involving the history and development of the HIP-HOP culture and the genre of Rap artistry. This work focuses on the various perspectives which are projected regarding the virtues, values, money, violence, and impact on both the youth around the world, and societies as a whole. The HIP-HOP Generation will also fixate on the ‘’Super Stars’’ of the Rap industry, identifying the talent, vision, and genius of those who helped create and nourish the industry. The work also includes a candid look at corporate America’s involvement and culpability regarding violence in the HIP-HOP community and society as a whole.
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