• This cookbook was written with much love for my sister, Celeste. One day she was at my home and saw a book that my daughter Kourtney had given me to keep all of my recipes in. I enjoy cooking and over the years I have collected recipes from magazines, newspapers, friends, family and yes, even my home economics class from over 20 years ago! This book contained recipes that were family and friends’ favorites. Through the years, I adapted many of them by adding a little something here and there to achieve a unique taste. All of the recipes in this book are proven favorites and have been requested by friends many times. I love to entertain and more often than not, guests leave my home with a recipe of something they enjoyed for dinner. It’s always a great compliment and an honor. So, with much work, fun, and love, I decided to organize favorite recipes of my family into a collection that I can share with you. Enjoy, Vikki
  • Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside Chef Martins Event Cookbook.
    • Combining flavors from around the globe
    • Cactus Paddle Salad (Nopales Salad)
    • “Smart drinks”: The intelligent choice for events
    • Beyond travel-inspired cuisine “Where the coffee bean reigns”
    • Carnitas de Michoacán
    • “Smarter” meal portion sizes. When is less more?
    • Healthy Snacks, on the Go! Hummus Quesadillas
    • Beyond travel-inspired cuisine Internationally fused flavors create
    • dishes without borders
    • Braised Pork in Tomatillo and Chile Salsa Verde
    • Learn the facts about safe food handling
    • Latin culinary influences in the midwest
    • Spicy Blackberry and Jalapeno Margaritas
    • Guacamole Botanero Bar
    • Pico de Gallo (Salsa Fresca)
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