• This beginner reader is a Navajo story about a young little lamb who learns that getting their way is not always fun.
  • As life in the 21st century often leaves the romantic side of our nature in its wake, we find ourselves drawn to time periods in history that once celebrated that which was decorative, fanciful, imaginative, and, yes, romantic. The art of the American carousel commemorated a time when children could escape in a world of knights in shining armor or cowboys galloping across the prairie. For a short ride atop a beautifully carved wooden horse, millions of children experienced the thrill of letting imaginations take them on the ride of a lifetime. We honor the artisans who created these carved treasures, and we cherish our childhood memories because of them - memories that bring generations together for all time.
  • My Mommy’s Boyfriend

    My Mommy's Boyfriend is an illustrated children’s book that introduces young readers to a topic that is very common, but hard to talk about. Many children have faced sexual abuse without even knowing it, and they continue to fall victim to predatory experiences because of their lack of knowledge on this subject. Written by Theresa Bowe, My Mommy’s Boyfriend teaches young readers that this subject exists, what to do if they ever encounter this situation, and more importantly, that confiding in multiple trusted adults is a major component in putting an end to sexual abuse.


  • The Delta Queen, a National Historic Landmark, is the oldest overnight passenger steamboat still intact and capable of traveling the inland waterways of America. Built in 1926 and entering service in 1927 for the California Transportation Co., the Delta Queen and her identical twin the Delta King were the most lavish and expensive river steamboats ever constructed. The vessels cost more than $1 million each to build and furnish.They operated together in the nightly San Francisco-Sacramento ferry trade.
  • The Frog Who Couldn’t Croak, written by Roberta Rhodes and illustrated by Donna Masters, is an inspirational children’s book written for Roberta’s daughter, Ranette Rhodes-Visagie.  This book teaches readers to embrace all their unique attributes that make them who they are, even if these characteristics distinguish them from their peers.

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