• Many small businesses do not have marketing managers, and in many cases, it is the company owner that drives marketing and sales efforts with the gut instinct to survive. Many die a financially painful death. Dr. Stan Fine, The Business Doctor, has seen the need for a general-purpose, how-to marketing book for a long time. This book provides answers to your marketing questions, starting with: How do I do it? And what do I do next?
  • Small Town Girls Play BIG in Business highlights ten women from or living in small towns who took risks, made sacrifices, and continually persevered to follow their ambitions. These women came from many different walks of life and found themselves in challenging positions before they discovered their purpose in business. It is our greatest hope that, by reading their stories, you will become inspired to take that leap of faith to follow your own calling.
  • The Left Side of Monday

    Silent information and misinformation hang on the Left Side of Monday... a reference to day of week tags on a clothing rack for work that needs to be delivered on a scheduled day. It is a purgatory of sorts where intervention is required to resolve delivery problems. Typically, missing or incorrect data are the root causes for residency there. The real business world consumes data as humans consume food for fuel and good health so we must understand how to leverage data for keeping our business data on the right side of Monday where they can fuel the delivery of our products and services on time.
  • Too Late, You’re Hacked! – Defending Your Small Business’ Computers and Networks is written for small businesses with a limited understanding of IT (Information Technology) that encounter cybersecurity challenges.  This book introduces critical IT terms and concepts in today’s complex digital age, and it is intended for owners or professionals handling their business’ IT department with narrow expertise.

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